Piano Program

Opportunities for all students

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered on a weekly basis, either Suzuki or traditional

Musicianship Classes

Students of all ages play for each other at these classes. Each month features a special theme.

Studio Recitals

Twice a year, in December and May, all-student recitals are held. The students learn to perform in public with poise and confidence.

National Guild Auditions

The National Guild of Piano Teachers holds auditions once a year in April. The auditions provide self-competition only -- students do not compete with one another

Solo Recitals

Solo recitals are given by all Suzuki students upon completion of a book, and are  designated as “Graduation Recitals”. Solo recitals are occasionally given by traditional students who have achieved a 20-30 minute repertoire.

Opportunities for some students

Weekly Theory Classes

These classes are occasionally available to new students who have started lessons around the same time. The classes run for 1-2 years and provide a comprehensive (and fun!) theory learning approach. This is a special and unique learning opportunity.


Students age 9 - high school whose work qualifies them may be asked to participate in in local competitions through organizations such as the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center in Rockford and the Grandquist Music Competition Organization in Geneva, Illinois .